History of the Buildings

The first Wairaka  house was built in 1894 and at that time was a low-thatched house made of raupo.  The second Wairaka house was built  in 1912 during the time of Te Hurinui Apanui.  Riini HÄ“taraka was the principal carver and builder of the house.  The Wharenui has unique features including the types of carvings on the amo and the curved ceiling. 

In the 1950’s renovations were made after a fire damaged the Wharenui.  The land on which the marae stands was gazetted in 1967 and its legal description is Wairaka A40.  In 1972, major renovations were undertaken including the addition of a side door to the wharekai and a rear storage room. The carvings were fully restored in 2002.

The first dining room built of corrugated iron was built after World War 1.  A new Wharekai was completed in 1964.  Major renovations were made to the marae complex in 1993, a new ablution block was created towards the entrance area opposite the waha roa, also the pae tapu for our kaumatua was built and also the whakaruruhau for our many manuhiri that would arrive near and afar.

Then in 2007 major renovations were done to the kitchen that created a bigger working space and cleaner dishes especially with the introduction to our industrial dishwasher.

Also our carvings were re painted and restored as they had become very brittle and were in need of restoring.

Then in 2012 our wharenui Wairaka had a face lift as the people were preparing for her 100th Centennial, which was going to be a great celebration for the wharenui and the many families involved in orgainsing and preparing to celebrate a milestone that all our rangitahi could be proud of.